Stock Photos for Sexy Kindle Covers


Stock Photos Without the Restrictive License

We get it.

Not all stock photo sites are the same.

You’re paying for a stock photo. You should be able to use it as part of your project.

Not all stock photo sites will allow use of their photos on a romance or erotic Kindle (or other ebook distributor) cover.

Not all stock photo sites allow you to use one of their photos on a blog containing erotic stories.

There is nothing more aggravating than finding the perfect photo on one of the bigger stock photo sites, only to find out you can’t use it for erotic or romance covers. allows you the freedom to purchase a photo for one time use, (be it an ebook, print book, magazine or blog article), without the hassel of a prohibitive license.

What Can You Do With Our Photos?

You are allowed to change the color and size of our photos and photoshop them to suit your needs for a fantastic cover for your book.

What Can’t You Do With Our Photos?

Change their intended purpose. For example, you can’t use one of our stock photos as part of another photo, or merge two photos together. You also can’t use pieces of a photo to add onto another. All photos must remain intact and used as a whole unit. You also can’t use it for more than one project, claim it as your own work, or extend the license to another person.

Pretty simple, huh?



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