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Backseat Hotwife 2

Backseat Hotwife 2 KIndle Book Cover

Backseat Hotwife 2

Everyone’s favorite hot-wife returns for another minivan adventure, as Jeanie and Joe’s backseat hot-wife ride service continues to gain popularity around the college with the big men on campus in this sexy followup to the first book.

It’s like any ride service you may have used before, with just a couple of exceptions:

1.) Passenger entertainment is provided in the back seat, by Joe’s cougar wife, the 38 year old, mini-skirt wearing, fun loving, Jeanie, who can never seem to get enough.

2.) There is never a charge. No credit card required.

Joe is Jeanie’s supportive husband/driver, who must be content watching what little he can through the rear view mirror, while keeping one eye on the road and the other to the goings on in the back.

This followup to the first book is highly explicit, a fast read, and is perfect for not only hot wife fans, but for the avid supporters of the crazy new hot wife van craze.

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