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Cheating Hot Wife

Cheating Hotwife

Cheating Hot Wife

Paul wakes one morning to find his wife of 12 years has left him a letter on the kitchen table. Abby is no where around, but as Paul discovers, the lengthy letter contains a confession. It appears that 42 year old Abby hasn’t been the most faithful wife. She’s enjoyed several carnal episodes with various lovers over the past three months. Some right under her oblivious husband’s nose.

A quickie with a 25 year old mechanic right inside the tiny office of his garage.

A men’s room stall interlude with a foreign stud inside a nightclub attracts an audience.

Abby’s new lesbian friend provides an education in the art of female lovemaking in her car parked in Abby’s driveway.

When the two handsome, cable TV repairmen show up at Abby’s home for a service call, they can’t resist her advances and they gladly take her on an erotic journey to the dark side.

Abby wants to save her marriage and hopes her letter convinces Paul to stay. Now it’s all up to him. Stay with a lying cheating wife or get divorced and move on? His answer may surprise you.

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