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Custom Erotic Book Cover Photos

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Luna the Great Moon Goddess
Luna has the photo you need for your next book project.

Custom Erotic Book Cover Photos by Luna

As an author of erotic books, you’re familiar with stock photo sites and spending your valuable time hunting for the perfect photo. Sometimes you get lucky, other times, not.. I had the same problem. Fortunately, I know a pro model who could provide custom erotic photos, at prices that are comparable with the stock photo site. I contacted Luna.

Model: Luna

Perfect for Erotic Kindle Books

Luna has been in front of, (and behind), the camera for 25 years and not only has the experience and work ethic you’re looking for, but also a back stock of hundreds of photos taken through the years that can be licensed for your book, website, blog, etc. Why use the same photo every other author is using on their covers, when you can use something completely unique?

Luna Eating Ice Cream
Luna eats ice cream as part of an erotic photo shoot

It’s a Fact: Photo Covers Sell Books

As an author of erotic books, you already know there are 3 things a book needs to be successful.

1.) A great title.

2.) An award winning blurb

3.) A killer cover

Luna Naked with a Snake
Luna’s photos range from mild to wild

Why use Luna for your Custom Book Covers?

Vicki Vex,  author of hot, erotic books such as Dude! Where’s My Car?, Trailer Park Tracy, and Too Darned Big! has used Luna’s images for several covers. When asked why, Vex responds, “Luna sells books. What other reason do you need?”

Get the Right Photo for Your Project

Luna’s photos range from mild to to wild. From Amazon Kindle appropriate photos to topless and fully nude photos, Luna’s got you covered.

Contact Luna now and see how she can help sell your books.

Email Luna


NOTE: All Luna photos come with a one time use license.