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I Love to be Watched by Joseph Carmichael

i like to be watched

I Love to be Watched by Joseph Carmichael

Amy is a super attractive 19 year old college student who has never slept with anyone and is quite proud of it. That doesn’t mean to say she doesn’t have any fun. She has lots of that. Amy is an exhibitionist and loves showing off what nature has bestowed upon her. She puts on special shows for both girls and guys, and she’ll do it almost anywhere, for anyone.

Amy’s college roommate, Jeanine comes along for the ride as do three nerdy guys at a party, a gorgeous blond from Montana who can’t seem to commit to her long distant relationship and a sexy protagonist who desires nothing more than to keep her fans and friends happy and satisfied.

You’ll find this explicit, fun to read erotic short story, sexy, funny and provocative.

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