Models: Get Paid For Your Photos

Luna has appeared on several romance/erotica book covers.

Models: Get paid for your photos by allowing them to be used as stock photos on our website. The photos will be used for Kindle (or other) romance/erotica covers, ebooks and blogger articles.

Here’s how it works

  1. You submit any number of your finest photos to our website, where they are displayed with a watermark to prevent theft.
  2. A customer chooses your photo(s) and places it/them into their shopping cart. When they check out using Paypal, they are able to download your photos from our website immediately.
  3. Within 72 hours of a photo’s sale, you will receive your share via your Paypal account. (You will split your fee 50/50 with


What kind of photos should I submit?

Submit your sexiest non-nude photos. Sexy works for Amazon covers. Take a look around the Erotic Kindle  Section on to get an idea of what is selling.

The photos you submit should be photographer quality hi-resolution photos.

This opportunity is perfect for just about any model. Gothic/Horror, Alternative, Punk, Glamour, Bikini, Retro and my favorite category, Weird. reserves the right to refuse any photo(s) for any reason.

How much will my photographs sell for?

It depends on the photo. The highest quality, full resolution photos will sell better than low quality/low res pictures. Spectacular, full resolution photos will usually be priced at $14. Smaller photos: $5-$12, depending on the subject and quality. You receive 50% of the sale price.

How do I get paid?

Paypal. This must be your account.

How soon will I get paid after a sale?

Within 72 hours.

Why so long?

The customer may refund their purchase. This will cancel our transaction.  72 hours also allows for unforseen circumstances from affecting your payment.

Besides photos, what else do I have to do?

You have to be at least 18 years old and send me a photo of your driver’s license/State I.D. with your  personal information, (street address, social security, license number, etc.), crossed out.

I’m a male model. Can I submit photos?

Absolutely. We encourage quality photo submissions from all models.